Happy June!

I put some of the landscaping skills I acquired from you, Mom and Dad, to good use this week helping a non-member family unroll sod.  (Remember the time we put in our lawn back in Sterling Point?)  Then, just as we were unloading the last truck bed, I got a call from Elder Johanson in the Castle Pines and Lone Tree wards, informing me that one of my former investigators, Darcy Pierce was being baptized that afternoon in just a few hours!  Well after another hour of service, a couple of very quick showers and some crazy driving, we made it up to the baptismal service at the Park Meadows building just in time for the opening prayer.  Darcy and her member husband Steve were very happy.  It was great to see him baptize her.  BTW, For anyone reading this who is considering baptism, please do not keep your baptism a secret until 3 hours before the service.  Thank you.

We started teaching 3 new investigators this week, all referred from members we’ve been working with.  It is great.  This area should see several baptism in the coming month/months.

On Thursday we had an awesome Zone Conference with President and Sister Pfile.  They will be leaving for home on June 29th so this was there last ZC.  The focus of the meeting was personal conversion and how we need to be passionate about the gospel to share it.  We watched an incredible talk by Jeffery R. Holland that he gave last January at the MTC.  In the talk he shared how Preach My Gospel (PMG) essentially was born when President Hinckly declared “Something is wrong with our missionary program.” because Elders were going home and then falling away.  In contrast to the old discussions, PMG is intended to convert the missionary first, and then help us know what to share with the investigator.  It is really amazing.

Thanks for your letters this week.  They were very appreciated.

Well I’m out of time and the guy sitting next to me smells really, really bad so I gotta bounce!

Love you all,

 -Elder Emmett Florence

PS: has anyone seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?  Any good?

    • janna hargadon
    • June 7th, 2011

    Always good to hear about what you’re doing in CO. Next time bring a nose plug or air sanitizer to the library! That would be a smashing way to win friends and influence people. Smiles, Janna

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