Happy Memorial day!

Alright I’ve decided that anyone that wants to talk with us and learn about the Restored Gospel and get baptised is weird.  In a good way of course, but man are they anomalies.  Yesterday we contacted 11 people on the street (Invite To Learn) and it is the strangest thing when after 10 rejections number 11 says yes and agrees to have us come and teach her later this week.  I guess anyone who is moving down the straight and narrow path towards Christ and eternal life- members of the church, recent converts, investigators…  we’re all just weirdos!  We are not normal!

The in-active guy we’ve been working with came to church on Sunday.  He still wasn’t ready to go into the chapel but he sat in the lobby with me and took the sacrament.  We had a good talk.  He should be coming again next week.  He wants to come back.  It is wonderful!  Thank you for your prayers on his behalf.

Missionary Downer; last night we had three straight hours of set appointments (this is really good) then, around 3pm, all three of our appointments called and canceled within 10 minutes of each other levaing us with 3 hours of dead space we had to somehow fill in!  Argh!!!  “Sucks to be me right now!”  We were also un-wittingly locked out of our apartment by our district leader on Saturday, but we managed to break back in using only a small pair of finger nail clippers Elder Hurst was carrying on his person and a stick from a candy sucker we found on the ground.  Wha-la!


Still working on getting parental permission for the Sorensen family.  Alex got into some more trouble at the park so that has further post-poned their baptismal date until mid June at least.  On the bright side between the members we’ve been working with for referrals, we have three non-member families committed to come to church next week, in addition to several single people, and the Less Actives and Inactives we’ve been getting there already.  Also, we committed one of our eternal investigators to baptism on June 26th, a first for him in three years of meeting with missionaries.  It is still not solid yet but with faith and work we think we can make it happen.

Well have a great week and thanks for everything you do.


Elder Emmett Florence

PS congratualtions Aurora!
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