Nine Months

Man!  Good thing the world didn’t end last Saturday at 6pm or I wouldn’t have had the chance to email you guys about all the cool stuff that happened this week!

A Less Active member we’ve been teaching won $10,000 in a fishing tournament last weekend.  He told us that he knew he won because he had read from the Book of Mormon the night before the contest like we had asked him to at our last lesson with him.  He also told us that $10,000 was more money than he had ever had at one time in his life so it is pretty special.

Our Bishop asked us to contact an in-active recent convert named Jonathan Levine.  We weren’t sure what to expect since the last time we’d knocked on his door a weeks ago with our WML, he answered with a gun, but we knew he needed help and that God loved him so at the end of a long day, we decided to stop by.  He answered the door and was friendly like before.  He told us we could come in and talk if we wanted, as long as we didn’t ask him about why he wasn’t coming to church.  We figured some contact with him would be better than no contact at all so, we agreed and stepped inside.  We sat down in his living room and just got to know him.  After just a few minutes he broke down and said “okay, I’ve been meaning to talk about this with you guys anyway, so I might as well tell you why I’m not coming to church now…”  He proceeded to pour out his soul to us; all his problems, his trials, and struggles that have been pushing him away from the church.  He talked for 20 minutes, and we just listened.  When he was finished, Elder Hurst and I both had the strong impression that he needed to get a priesthood blessing from his Bishop.  We told him and he agreed to come back to church next Sunday and talk with the Bishop about it.  I’m really grateful to have had the experience.  What made it cool was that we didn’t really do anything.  We were just able to, by virtue of our calling, bring the spirit into his home.  Then, by just asking a couple of questions, his heart was opened just enough for the spirit to get in and do all the real work.

So we have several people in the area that are ready to be baptised but can’t yet because of legal issues and parents giving their permission.  A family of three showed up to church on Sunday in the Canyon Ridge ward looking for financial support.  The Bishop paid a few of their bills and in exchange they will be coming to church for the next few weeks and studying the Book of Mormon.  We talked with them for a little while after church and I think we have some real potential to get them baptized.  We’ll see.

We had an awesome lesson teaching the Doctrine of Christ (2 Nephi 31 – we use this one a lot to teach people about baptism) to the Sorensen family last week.  Alex, their 14 year old son afterward exclaimed; “It feels like the Holy Ghost is trying to get inside me!  I guess I should be baptized so it can!”  Yes.  Working with Alex has really opened my eyes to the kinds of issues (and I mean issues) even little kids can have in today’s world.  It is very disturbing.  The gospel is so important!

I had a dream last night that I snuck down to  Aurora and Jeff’s wedding reception and saw all of you last night.  It was really weird.  I am well into the phase of my mission where I dream as a missionary, so if in my dream I do something like go on vacation, or go to a movie, or something like that, half-way through I end up freaking out when I remember “oh crap I’m not supposed to be here!  President Pfile is going to kill me!”  then I wake up.  Gooooood timessss.

Love you all!

Elder Emmett Florence

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