Transfers… or not.

Holy Cow this one had me nervous!  I can’t say I know why.  Turns out I’m staying here in Castle Rock with Elder Hurst again.  No complaints there.  I’m only just getting the hang of the three wards I’m covering and the area is really starting to take off.  We have a Part Member family on track for baptism soon (see miracle story below) as well as a couple of younger folks who have started coming to church with their member friends we should be teaching (and baptising) soon.Miracle story:  The missionaries have been working with this part member family in Founders for a while.  The Dad was baptised in December last year, and now we are trying to baptise his wife as well.  She is solid and good to go for baptism but has been stalling it because she was afraid her daughter and son (from a previous marriage) would be upset about it (-it’s complicated.)  We were sitting in our car outside their house preparing to go in and talk with them about the Mom being baptised when we decided to pray.  We asked that Heavenly Father would in the course of our visit inspire someone to bring up the subject of baptism in an easy natural way, so we could talk about it without the daughter or son freaking out (which according to previous Elders in the area had happened before (-Again, complicated situation. I didn’t even ever really get what the deal was either.)  Well, turned out the first thing out of the Mom’s mouth when we walked in the door was; “Well, my daughter wants to get baptised too now.  Do we need to get her Dad’s permission to do it?”  After picking our jaws up off the floor we sat down with the Mom, her daughter and son and went over the baptismal interview questions and worked out a plan to get the Dad’s (not the convert step-Dad, but the Mom’s Ex) permission.  There are still some obstacles to be overcome, but the whole family is now on tract to be baptised together as soon as possible.  It is wonderful!  And what did we do?  Nothing really!  The spirit has been the one at work behind the scenes, changing and preparing hearts!Yesterday we were asked to speak in sacrament meeting in one of our wards.  Our talks were cut short however by the appearance of Elder Hillier of the 70 who asked to make some remarks at the close of the meeting.  We ended up getting to speak and sit on the stand with an area authority!

We were invited this week to attend the sealing of a recent convert couple from one of our wards.  We got permission and went down to the temple in Denver on Saturday and witness the ceremony.  It was awesome to see the crowning ordinance of the gospel performed and feel the spirit that was there.  It is great to get the perspective of what the end goal of our purpose really is.

Love you all and have a great week!

       -Elder Emmett Florence

PS  I don’t know how, but if being a rock star doesn’t work out, I want to do what this guy is doing;

    • janna hargadon
    • May 31st, 2011

    LOVE HEARING about your LIFE Emmett!

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