Happy Mother’s Day!

Talking with you guys was awesome!  I can’t believe how well all the technology worked out for us (for once)!  I’m going to send you the screen shots I took as soon as possible.  They are pretty precious.  I’ve decided I hate saying goodbye at the end of phone calls home.  It just feels weird re-severing the ties of REAL communication.  Every time.  There is no tactful way to do it.  Know that I love you all and wish I could say it better then I do most of the time.

Cool miracle story I don’t think I’ve gotten around to sharing yet;  The other day Elder Hurst and I were knocking doors on a street we had felt impressed to tract the night before during our planning session.  After a few minutes we accidentally tracted into a Less Active member family.  After talking about church and getting to know them, their son Josh (who just happened to pull up in his car when we got to his house) told us he had a friend across the street named Tyler who’s mother had recently been baptised and now he was interested in being baptised too!  Tyler wasn’t at home so we decided to go tract the rest of the street until he got back and we could talk to him ourselves.  We got to the end of the street and turned around.  On our way back passed Josh and Tyler’s houses, Tyler pulled up with his Dad, ran across the street and started talking with Josh.  We walked back over to Josh’s and were able to meet Tyler and talk with him about investigating the church.  He was very receptive.  We got Tyler’s information and set up a time when we could start teaching him and parted ways -but the miracle of the day continued!  A few hours later we were working in another ward in our area, when we decided to go stop by a Member’s house with some questions about a former investigator we thought they might have known.   The member was home, along with his son and daughter-in-law.  Although the member wasn’t able to answer our questions we had come with originally about the former investigator, his daughter-in-law just happened to be Josh’s aunt!  After we told her about our experience with Tyler, she asked if we had started teaching Josh’s girlfriend yet.  Turns out Josh had another friend who was interested in the church!  Later at mutual we were able to touch bases with Josh and talk with him more about Tyler and his girlfriend, who both now will be coming to church next Sunday with Josh.  The Lord’s hand is truly in this work!

The days have just been packed!  The pressure to be as productive as possible every moment of every day is exhausting, but in retrospect, even the times when it felt like we were flying by the seat of our pants, we can see how much good the Lord has acomplished through us.  It is great!

Don’t be afraid to share the Gospel, ever!

-Elder Emmett Florence

  1. I love me some Emmett

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