Yes And it’s May!

Happy May! Sing Hey Noni No!

We saw a cool miracle last week when all of our plans fell through and we were faced with two hours of free time and no names to go and visit.  We know this is the Lord’s work and he wants us to use his time effectively, so we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to bless us to be guided to someone in the area who we could start teaching so we could fulfil our purpose and stay busy doing his work.  Afterwards we followed the subtle promptings of the spirit to the other side of town to a street we had never been to before.  After praying again, we decided we should tract the street to find someone to teach.  After only a few doors we found a young man named “Josh”.  He was friendly and receptive to our invitation to come to church with us.  We returned later in the week and taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end of the first vision he accepted the invitation to be baptised on the 15th.  We are working with him now to get him to church so he can make his date and get on the path to life long membership in the church and eternal life in the world to come.  We are not sure how solid he is at this point since he flaked out on church and our return appointment, but our awesome WML Bro. Goodwin is already fellowshiping him through texting and getting a new time for us to go teach him again.

A member in Canyon Ridge showed me a great trick when talking with people who have concerns about doctrine or church history; always focus on the part of their concern that is true or correct (sound familiar?  Yes and!).  I got to try out the technique several times this week “discussing” the church and gospel with people on their doorsteps and it really works!  It is great because even if the person you are talking to is the most hostile anti-mormon on the planet, the spirit can still come and testify because you are focusing on the truth and what the church actually teaches, the spirit of contention is kept at bay, and you don’t have to feel paranoid or defensive -instead, you can just have fun (hey! I just accidentally discovered another improv rule!) talking about why you love the gospel and how you know it is true!  For example;  when someone asks a question with the intent of putting you on the defensive like “is it true you believe you can become a god and populate worlds after you die?” instead of trying to wrest support from the Bible or quibbling over the doctrinal semantics, just smile and say something like “yeah, that’s about it.  We believe God is really our father and we are really his children.  Because he loves us he has provided a way through the grace of Jesus Christ that we can someday in the eternities become like him and enjoy all the blessings he enjoys.  Isn’t that awesome!  I love the gospel!”  Now if they still want to pick a fight they can’t because you just agreed with them!  You’ve re-directed their attack and rendered them harmless because instead of drawing a line in the sand and saying “that is your side and this is mine”, you’re all on the same team!.  It is so cool!  This way instead of getting into an argument every time someone asks a question or brings up a concern that is meant to bring you down, you can turn it around and testify so the spirit can come and everyone will be uplifted and edified!  It is great!

Well I am out of time.   I love you and I will talk to YOU ON SUNDAY!!!  Huzzah!

Elder Emmett Florence

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