Happy Easter!

Thank you so much for the great care package!  I am really enjoying it!  Also thank you for the post cards.  I’m glad to see Dad is still making sure you all have a good time.

It has been great to hear about all the exciting news from back home.  It is amazing how much is going on!  Unfortunately not as much to report from my end this week.  Just staying busy with the basics of missionary work; tracting, street contacting, visiting member and Less Actives, contacting formers, setting up teaching appointments, seeing small miracles helping people move, meeting with Ward Missionaries, planning, tearing hair out when plans fall through, planning again, praying, studying, praying again, going to District Meeting, going to church, testifying etc.  Nothing has stood out really from the fantastic mundane of daily missionary service that would interest you.  Still no baptisms, and still no investigators with dates.  We are scheduled to start teaching a couple of Jews soon (two separate member referrals).  From what I’ve heard they are solid and ready to be taught about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ so that will be cool.  I’ll write more as soon as it starts happening.

If I understood your note correctly in the Easter package, the friend of Tera who wrote me was a MISS IDAHO.  I am very excited about that and to hear back from her.  Even if nothing else comes of it, I am relishing the great privilege I will have for the rest of my mission (and life) to say that I got a letter from MISS IDAHO herself while serving in the CCSM.

Dear Dad, thanks for the thoughtful advice in you letter.  I’m definitely not going to worry about it anymore.  At this point I’m just going to plan on taking an extra year to finish school.  I still don’t know if I should push for the Media Music Major or go for something else, but that is a decision I can make after I’m home.  What is difficult now is that I KNOW that with an extra year of preparation I could get into the Media Music program (or about anything else)  with colors flying, so it all depends on if I want it or not.

Congratulations for graduating Aurora!  Fly free!

Love y’all

          -Elder Emmett Florence

PS Policy Change; I’m finding I have more email time then before, so I have time to read emails you send.  Feel free especially to email any brief comments about how things are going, questions, or tid bits of requested information (such as addresses) since it is way faster to exchange electronically then waiting for mail.  Thanks!  (I still like getting letters in the mail though)

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