8 Months-one third out

8 months!  Good deal!

I had, what I personally consider to be, a mile stone marker in my journey as a missionary.  Elder Hurst and I were tracting the other day and a naked guy answered one of the doors!  Weirdo!  I am pretty proud to say I have had the experience. Also weird but on a sadder note; a member called to cancel our dinner appointment last Thursday because they were “quiting the church” and didn’t want to have us over anymore.  As you can imagine it was a pretty awkward phone call.  I was at a loss for words for most of it but managed to get out “Well I’m sorry to hear that…  is there anything we can do to help?”  He said he was “sorry too” but there was nothing we could do, then hung up.  Very strange.  We talked with the Bishop about it and he seemed pretty confident that they would come back around soon, they just “needed a break”.

Possibly weirder still, this week we went and helped a member clean out a house he had been renting out.  The family he had been renting to had trashed the place, and then up and left all their junk when he evicted them for not paying rent.  It was CRAZY!  The house was just full of stuff!  Big TVs, iPods, food, furniture, toys, and probably thousands of dollars worth of clothes and purses that they had just left behind!  Lots of trash too; piles of cigarette buts in the garage, candy wrappers, and I won’t go into the details on what we found in the bathrooms.  It was pretty fun going through the place and seeing what we could salvage (in addition to finding stuff for the member to sell or donate to Salvation Army.  We got to keep $15+ dollars in change, bike locks, a CD case, a soccer jersey and a leather jacket but it was also really, really sad to see how these people had been living their lives and raising their kids.  They need the Gospel!  Other then that not a ton going on, just staying busy working with LAs (Less Actives), a couple of eternal investigators and trying to find some new ones.  Thank you for your prayers.  I love you all,

           -Elder Emmett Florence

PS Mom, in answer to your question; yes I love working with the youth for referalls.  In Castle Pines we were starting to see some successs with kids bringing  friends to church in Castle Pines but now that I’m transfered I have three new wards of youth to get to know again before I can start getting them inviting their friends too.  Lots of awesome people in the church.  I love it!

Well, Elder Hurst had a family matter come up so we’re here emailing again.  I forgot to send my new apt. address this morning so here it is;

 525 Scott blvd. # 206
Castle Rock CO, 80104


That address should be good for at least 4 more weeks.  There was one more thing that I wanted to email you but I can’t remember what it is right now.  I remember!  Mothers Day!  I’m so excited to talk to you all again!  We don’t have any arrangements set up  yet, but I will have it all figured out next P-day and I will let you know the details.

Well the epic saga of Aurora’s love life is finally winding down to a close.  Thank you for keeping me so well posted on all the details.  I’m glad she is choosing Jeff.  He sounds just about as perfect as can be and he will be a great addition to the family.   Send me lots of pictures of the wedding! Shoot!  I just had a crazy thought!  What, in your expert opinion in these matters (kudos for calling it with the shopping carts way back when by the way) are the chances that I will be an uncle before I get home in August 2012?  That, is strange!!!  I’m still a little sad to have Neal out of the picture.  Seriously seriously have you considered hooking him up with a Florence cousin?  Something might work out…

I’m running out of people to write.  No one is responding to letters fast enough.  Elder Jones and Elder Stevens and I are still keeping up a good correspondence (I’ve sent Mikey several good CDs I’ve discovered over here).

So the other night I called Elder Howell in Pueblo and got an update on the University ward.  The Deels are struggling a little bit with smoking and church attendance because of their fast food work schedules but other than that they are doing well.  An investigator I had worked with and dropped a couple times got baptised which is wonderful, but other than that no progress with all the others.  I was sad (but not surprised) to hear that one of the spanish Elders I had served with was sent home dishonorably for getting a little to cozy with one of his single sister converts.  It is very unfortunate but that is just what happens when you practise selective obedience and pick and choose what rules you will follow.  It is just not safe.  It is a sandy foundation.

I’ve decided to completely forgo song writing until the end of my mission.  I didn’t think it would matter at first, but I think it is something I need to do to make sure I truly give my heart might mind and strength to the work.

Thank you again for all the great letters and have fun wedding planning!


ps Minor Minor curiosity while I’m here on the computer, but is there any word floating around on the internet as to how long until The Killers release their next album?  I’m wondering if their “indefinite hiatus” is going to turn out to be a definite end.  Just curious.

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