New Assignments


Alright here is what is going on;  I have been transferred next door to the city of Castle Rock.  Elder Hurst and I are covering 3 different wards; Founders, Canyon Ridge, and Woodlands.  Not as many rich people!  It is awesome!  On Sundays we are at church from 8am to 5pm.  Elder Hurst hails from the “great walled city of Salt Lake” and has been out 4 months.  He worked as an electrician before serving here in the CCSM and hopes to play in the NFL after he returns home.  We have a couple of “eternal investigators” we are working with and a super solid 14 year old who is waiting to get parental permission to be baptized.  Other than that not a whole lot going on in the area right now as far as investigators go so we will be increasing our efforts to find.  We also are working with several Less Active members who actually have a desire to come back to church so that is nice.

Ari Clayton was baptized and confirmed last weekend in the Lone Tree ward.  That is a first for Elder Palmer in that area (which he has been serving in now for almost 8 months without getting wet!)  Elder Hurst and I drove up for the baptismal service.  It was a little hectic at first since Ari and her family arrived 30 minutes later than expected but everything went very smoothly after that.  I got to sight read a piano accompaniment for the pre-baptism musical number sung by Ari’s member fellowship family, the Bavenders.  Afterwards Sister Bavender told me to thank you Mom for making me practise.  Thank you Mom!

A small miracle

Elder Hurst and I went over to the Castle Pines apartments Thursday night to go contact a referral we had been given the day before by our district leader.  We found the referral’s apartment but she was not home so the appointment fell through.  As we were making our way back to the other side of the complex to our car a kid came up to us and asked us if we were the same Elders who had come and taught a world religions class at his school.  He had really been impressed by the church and had taken notes on the Elder’s presentation.  We talked for a minute and invited him to come to church with us.  He seemed excited and told us he was currently agnostic but “church shopping” and he would love to come check the church out with us.  We gave him directions to the church and our phone number (which he punched into his phone and added to his contacts on the spot) and he told us he would call as soon as he got back from a road trip he and his friends were going on.  We are expecting to hear from him again very soon.  We were very blessed to be used by the Lord in inviting one of his children to partake of the gospel, even when our original plans had fallen through.

Elder Hurst shared with me an amazing talk called “The 4th Missionary” by Laurence E. Corbridge.  It is changing a lot of how I’m going to approach the last 2/3rds of my mission and the rest of my life!  I recommend it to everyone, especially prospective Elders.  It is helping me understand what it means to have charity and serve with all my “heart, might, mind and strength”.

Love you all and thank you for your prayers,

Elder Emmett Florence

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