Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy Birthday Corbin!

We pulled a good prank for you in my District Meeting on Friday.  Here is the set up; So we meet for district meeting every Friday in the stake high-council room of our building.  In the room is a black-board with a curtain that is usually drawn over it when it is not in use.  Usually the chalkboard is blank and we use it for “accountability”  (we write down all the names of the people we are working with and discuss them as a district).  Afterwards, we erase the board so it can be used on Sunday.  Okay so here is the prank; before district meeting while our District Leader went out down the hall to the library to get a TV, Elder Taylor, the greeny in our district,  got up and wrote on the chalkboard; “CONFIDENTIAL!  – EXCOMMUNICATIONS” and then under that he wrote random names of people in wards in our stake.  Last we pulled the curtain back over the chalk board, all before our district leader Elder Melville returns.  He gets back with the TV and we start District Meeting.  Unexpectedly the Zone Leaders show up and sit with us.  We watch some PMG (Preach My Gospel) DVDs, do some roleplays, then it comes time for “accountability”.  Elder Melville gets up and begins to pull back the curtain on the chalkboard.  He pulls it open just enough to see whats on the board then quickly closes it and asks Elder Palmer and I to go to the library and get another board we can use.  Elder Palmer, Elder Taylor and I start asking about what is on the chalkboard.  Elder Melville tells us not to worry about it, but we keep bringing it up.  Finally Elder Taylor gets up, pulls back the curtain and starts reading the names on the list, then I pretended to be surprised and said that some of the names were in our ward’s Bishopric and Relief Society presidency.  The Zone Leaders started freaking out and telling us to stop prying into “stake excommunications”.  They had swallowed the list hook line and sinker!  Elder Melville was about tackle Elder Taylor to stop him from reading anymore names when we revealed the prank.  It was perfect.  Our greeny made “April Fools” of our Zone and District leaders!

Transfer news;  I’m moving!  I just got word that I’m being transferred next door to Castle Rock.  I will be covering three different wards this time, “Canyon Ridge, Woodlands and Founders”.  Crazy!  I’m also going Senior Companion!  I’m very excited.  My new companion will be Elder Hurst.  I’ve met him a few times before at zone meetings.  He seems like a good Elder.  More info next week on Monday.

Well I’m already out of time to email today but I will be sending another letter today.  Hope you got the memory card alright and are enjoying the pictures.

Love you all and hope all is well,

Elder Emmett Florence

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