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We have been wading through some trials, afflictions and sorrows lately due to the exceeding hard hearted and blindness of the people here, especially some of the Evangelical super-church go-ers.  People won’t listen to reason or the spirit because they’re so stuck on what their preacher said last Sunday so we can’t do anything with them.

I was really sad when our potential investigator “Danny” (the guy we found  a few weeks ago because we felt a strong spiritual prompting to go tract his street) made it very clear to us that he did not want us stopping by his house anymore.  But the Lord comforted us later that day when we found another “Daniel” who invited us to come later this week and teach him and his family.

A little miracle; we were out tracting in a neighborhood where a LA (Less Active) we had been trying to contact without success lived.  We were on our way back to the car when we found two pieces of undelivered mail on the ground that were addresses to the LA family!  We took them back to the LA’s house.  They answered the door and we were able to return the lost mail, and after talking for a minute we were able to set a dinner appointment up for later in the month which will be a great opportunity for us to get to know them and start helping them back to church!  The Lord definitely has his hand in this work!

Okay short on time today so I will catch you all next week!  Peace!

 -Elder Emmett Florence

(Here are some excerpts from a letter to mom answering some specific questions)

We have awesome priests quorums in Lone Tree and Castle pines.  They are good happy kids.  The Castle Pines priests are particularly free spirits, who enjoy pulling pranks on the “rent-a-cops” over in the village (“the village” is the largest, richest, most expensive housing in the area and is probably one of the ritziest gated communities money can buy.  Residents pay $400 a month to pay for the small army of security personnel, garbage disposal, and road maintenance), home-schooling, and extreme winter sports.  Elder Palmer has a great video of them propelling themselves with a quad and a giant rubber band off a ramp they made in someone’s backyard attempting back-flips and other stunts, occasionally eating it.

Thanks for sharing your U2 discovery.  Isn’t “The Edge” cool?  I really like their creative process you described.  It totally is TNT PLAY  THEORY!  I really think I could do what they do with some time, and a couple of other like-minded individuals who are mature, and can follow the play theory rules.   You and Dad should check out “It Might Get Loud”  the guitar rockumentary about The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White.  It is a very clean well made film and I think you would really enjoy seeing some of the contrasting creative styles of the trio.

Man, I’ve been getting so much anti-stuff up here.  I’ve encountered everything from Joseph Smith treasure hunting exploits to the “Adam-God” theory of Brigham Young.  My testimony is stronger than ever though as I’ve approached each concern with a rational mindset, and relied on faith.  One lady we were meeting with gave us a book called “Answering Mormons”.  We’ve had a pretty good time with the district flipping through it de-bunking everything.  The whole thing is so caustic and skeptical it is a joke.  The really funny part is their summary of church beliefs because they actually do a good job of summarizing church doctrine and even coming from their antagonistic lips it still makes sense and sounds true to me.  They try and claim we need to be saved because we don’t believe in the “Biblical Jesus” but in reality, they are just upset that our inspired interpretations of the Bible and additional teachings of modern prophets conflict with their more worldly take on scripture.

Well I love you Mom and I hope this answers some of your questions.  Good luck with everything back home and thanks again for keeping me in the loop with your letters,

-Elder Emmett Florence

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