Service with a Smile


Sorry this email is late.  P-day was moved to wednesday this week due to an unexpected leadership conference.  Although Elder Palmer and I were not directly affected by the conference, we decided to take P-day today so we could be more logistically in tune with our district.

The work is picking up.  We were invited by a member to come and help move their friend who had just gone through a divorce.  Their friend turned out to be a former investigator who had been too busy with her divorce to meet with us when we had contacted her previously.  The move went really well and thanks to the help of member fellowshippers present, we were able to open up some doors so that we will be able to begin teaching the former and her family again!  We also have officially started teaching a part member/LA (less Active) family to get their 9 year old daughter “Ari” baptised in April.  Ari is pretty solid and accountable and wants to be baptised, and her Mom seems sincere in her desire to get back into church, so I am very excited to be working with them.

We moved!  We are now living with Bro. Manchester of the Castle Pines ward so my Rosemont address will be no good.  Don’t worry if you’ve sent anything off recently.  We still have the mail key for the apartment and will be checking it for the next week or so to make sure nothing gets lost.

We had an awesome Saturday last week.  We kicked things off in the morning by moving a former investigator, then after lunch we helped our current investigator Donna Polk (who came to church this week for the first time and had a good experience with the members; huzzah!) organize her storage locker, and then we spent our evening helping Ari’s family organize and clean their house, making in total 11 hours of service!   We got to wear our service clothes for the whole day!

Well I love you all, but I must away
for my hour is spent, and it is P-day!!!

Elder Emmett Florence

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