3/14/2011 Adeline or Aurora

Dear Home!

All is well her in Lone Tree/Castle Pines.  The work is slow and hard to get moving, but Elder Palmer and I are having fun working with members, LAs,(Less Actives) and tracting.  I wish we could teach more.  We bashed a couple of times this week (we made one lady cry a little when we proved that the Bible couldn’t be the whole word of God in defense of the Book of Mormon -Elder Palmer says she started it so it is her fault) but it’s just not the same as teaching someone who wants to learn and progress -at all.  Oh well.  I’m learning a lot from our new district leader Elder Melville about how to set goals to learn to work smarter and not just harder.  I’m also learning a lot about how to follow the spirit and teach more effectively.

We had a non-member come to church last week as a result of our efforts to commit the youth in our ward to invite their friends to attend church.  We still have lots of names that the priests have committed to invite so we’ll see what else will happen.  Hopefully some of the people who come will be impressed by the spirit at sacrament meeting and desire to learn more.  Our friend who came yesterday already seems pretty interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon, so we gave his fellow-shipper a copy she could give to him.

Weather is still crazy here.  We woke up on Sunday to an inch of snow, but by the time we got out of church at 4pm it was a sunny 60 degrees.

Not much progress with our two investigators.  Donna is still feeding us lots and lots of food but not coming to church and the other potential is post-poning their baptismal date due to an unexpected two week business trip to Tokyo Japan.

Oh… so Elder Berrett actually wrote that letter to Adeline?  * That is too funny!  Explanation; Elder Berrett was serving in my district last transfer and as part of a deal I made with him to buy this belt off him (I’ll send pictures sometime), I agreed to give him my sister’s address, but since we never specified which of my two sister’s addresses it would be and considering Aurora’s current situation, I decided to give him Adeline’s address instead!  Also part of the deal was that I would have to pre-read all letters he sent (to be on the safe side) so after he got transferred down south to Rye I figured that was the last I would hear of it.  Well I hope you all enjoyed the letter as much as I enjoyed hearing about it!  Sorry if it was uncomfortable for anybody…  I’ll be sure to talk to Elder Berrett about it the next time our paths cross and make it up to him.

Well I love you all and thanks for the great letters this week.  Still working hard, and still dry, but not discouraged,

   -Elder Emmett Florence

PS Truman; PIG.  Of course I have time to read your letters!  Thank you for the last letter you sent especially!  It was very thoughtful of you to send those lyrics for “Magdalene”.  What a cool song about repentance!  Keep thinking and doing what you are doing my brother.


The a fore mentioned letter happened to arrive the same weekend Aurora and her new beau (now finance’) Jeff Dickamore were visiting.  The letter was addressed to Adeline. She started reading it.  Elder Berrett asked her about singing and dancing and how the current play she was in was going (Adeline was currently in Annie).  It was all good and well until Elder Berrett asked her how she was enjoying BYU.  It was then that Adeline deduced the letter was meant for Aurora and handed it over to her.  Turns out Elder Berrett wanted Aurora to write him a letter and used his background of being a Romanian orphan as a guilt factor.  How ironic Jeff served his mission in Romania! What are the odds he and Aurora would be there to read it?

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