3/7/2011 Tales of Tracting

Good Morning Afternoon or Night!

Thank you for all your letters this week.  I can’t express how good it is to hear from you.

Not a lot happening here right now.  We tracted for 4 hours the other day and had little success.  The only people who talked to us for more than a minute ended up swearing at us  (This lady started following us around her apartment complex after we knocked on her door and told us to leave because we were bothering her and everyone else.  She called us brainwashed and threatened to call the police.  Eventually Elder Palmer got a little short with her and yelled across the street to her; “Mam, you’re bothering us!” and that’s when she swore at us and gave us “the bird”, but she left us alone after that so I don’t mind.) We are making much more progress with the members here and are working with some Part-Member (PM) and Less-Active (LA)  families right now that should yield some good fruit.

We’re working with LAs a lot right now.  It is sad because most want nothing to do with the church and it is even sadder when you find out why.  There are some funny things too.  On one door we knocked on with our WML (ward Mission Leader) the LA answered and almost without saying a word ushered us in, sat us down in his living room and started serenading us on his guitar with a couple of songs he had written and would be performing at a bar that weekend.  He had a bar stool, a microphone set-up and everything.  At first when he sat down and started talking I thought he was just doing his act but then he started going on about how he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet he just wasn’t keeping all the commandments or coming to church and I realized he was really talking to us!  He’s pretty crazy.  He got excited when I told him I play the keyboard and he wants me to come back on a P-day and play with him.  We’ll see.  It might be an important step in getting him re-activated, or it could be a big waste of time…

We helped some cousins of Bro. Jared McKeon (my Teacher’s quorum advisor from Rocklin 5th) move into Lone Tree Ward this week.  If you see him tell him I said “hi”.

Love you all!  Good night, and good luck.

Elder Emmett Florence

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