2-28-11 Relying on the Spirit


The work is moving along here, slowly, very slowly, but it is moving!  We watched the restoration DVD with Donna this week to help her gain a testimony of Joseph Smith.  The best part was afterwards, Donna’s Vietnamese maid “Hope” (who speaks very little english) who had sat in during the presentation, asked where she could “buy a copy” for herself and her son who had recently started attending “church” with her.  She was very grateful when Elder Palmer and I gave her her own copy and told her she could have it for free.  She seemed really excited about it and told us she would watch it with her son and that he would probably call us with questions.  If she does start investigating the church we won’t get to be the ones to teach her because she lives in the Denver South area (another common problem with serving right on the mission boundary) but it is still really cool to think what might come of us giving her and her family the DVD.

I’ve been eating lots of free Costa Vida lately.  Every time I’ve gone this month a random member has paid for us.  The really cool thing is this month I paid a fast offering for the first time on my mission!  It really works!

This area can be really frustrating.  Elder Palmer who has been here almost 7 months now calculated that from the 230+ hours of tracting he has done so far, he has had 0 baptisms.  Hopefully we are going to change that this transfer with the people we are working with right now.

I have been working on relying more on the spirit for guidance lately and I had this great experience the other day!  We were on our way to tract where we had planned to the night before when a street  we were passing caught my eye and I felt like we should go tract there instead.  I was unsure at first so I tried to ignore the feeling, but as we drove on the feeling I had grew until I had an undeniable desire to turn the car around and return and tract the street I had seen.  I told Elder Palmer I wanted to go back and tract the other street.  We turned around and went back to the other street, and began tracting one of the several courts and circles that it led to.  On the second house a man opened the door and we were able to have a nice conversation about the church, how he had fallen away from the Catholic faith, and some of his personal beliefs about God.  We offered him a copy of the Book of Mormon which he accepted and committed to read.  I’m not sure what good will come of it, but I feel at peace and that Lord is pleased with what we’ve done.

Love you all, and hope all is well,

-Elder Emmett Florence
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