2-22-11 6 MONTHS!!

6 MONTHS!!!  Yes!  The hump of hump, halfway to halfway!  Sweet!!!


I am very happy to say that I will be staying with Elder Palmer here in the Castle Pines/Lone Tree area!  We have a new investigator in Castle Pines (the ward that hasn’t baptised in over a year)! Her name is Donna Rae Polk.  We found her tracting back in January and after several service visits and lunches together (the apple juice incident) she came to church with us, was impressed by the warmth she felt there from the members, and agreed to start learning more about the church from us.  At the lesson the next day we invited her to be baptised on March 12th.  She said she wasn’t ready to accept yet but that she would seriously consider the date and pray about it.  After teaching her the Restoration during a long silence, she said the words “was blind but now I see” from the song “Amazing Grace” came to her mind.  There will be a couple of barriers to over come with her, the foremost being she suffers from Narcolepsy and can’t read, drive or concentrate on anything too hard without falling asleep.  She is 69 and has a very colorful history.  She was an actress and performed in “Grease” “South Pacific” and “Brigadoon” and rode around the world on the back of a motorcycle with a friend (it was her first and last time on a bike).  She has been associated with at one time or another almost every religion there is, including several different christian denominations, Buddhism and spiritualism, and she was even an “honorary Jew” by her Jewish friends who she did community service with.  It is not for sure, but I believe with a little time she will be baptised.  From what she has told us about her personal beliefs about God that she has gathered from different religions, the Mormon church will be right up her ally.

While we were in separate areas this week during exchanges (for training purposes Elders switch areas and companions for a day or so once a transfer) Elder Palmer and I both found $20 dollar bills on the ground!  What are the chances of that?  (By the way barring the 20 and 1 $ bills I’ve found, so far on my mission I have collected $13.27 in change from off the ground while proselyting.)

We were eating dinner with a non-member roommate when he told us how 5 years after his conversion to Christianity from Hinduism he was baptised by his girlfriend (now ex) in a hotel pool!  Now he is doubting the baptisms authenticity and is talking with his preacher about being re-baptised to make sure it is done right. Isn’t it great to have priesthood authority in the church to prevent confusion?

Thank you for the 6 months package!  It is great to know I’m not the only one counting!

Well I love you all and I hope you enjoy the pictures,

-Elder Emmett Florence

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