2-14-11 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I got both of your packages. The lady at the office laughed “That stinks for you!” when she saw I couldn’t open one of them until the 18th (but I don’t mind) and I opened the wonderful Valentines one.  Thank you for thinking about me right now!  I love all of the heart people you made.  They are great! I will send some pictures of us later. The apartment is almost fixed up now.  We moved back in a few days ago.  The furniture is still sort of messed up and mixed around but we are slowly getting things back in order.


Elder Palmer’s Parents sent him “Pass the Pigs” so we’ve been having fun with that during the late evening hours when we have nothing more productive to do.  We were having lots of fun with it, but after a few games we decided to make things more interesting…  We had a lemon pie some member had made us that we were not going to eat (we get so many sweets and deserts from members here we have to resort to stuff like this to get rid of it) so we decided to play best two out of three -loser gets a pie to the face.  Elder Palmer won the first round, but I came back for the second and came out on top on the third and then had the pleasure of pie-ing my companion.  As you can tell from the pictures he sent we had good time with it.  (In case you are wondering where those pictures I keep sending are from, Elder Palmer’s camera has Wi-Fi and can he can send email pictures from it.  Those are only pictures from his camera though.  I’ve got lots of new pictures to send.  Do you want me to mail the memory card, or are you setting something else up you want me to send them with?)

I was reading 2 Nephi 28-29 the other day and it pretty much perfectly describes the people in this area; not very receptive to the gospel.  This one old guy after asking to see our licenses to preach (which we quickly produced from our shirt pockets to his dismay) told us to “Beat it!”  We laugh it all off but it gets old only finding mean old or rich people that don’t want to talk to you.  We are teaching one good part-member family right now that is almost for sure going to result in a baptism, it is just taking time because of their very busy work schedules.

We went over to a member’s house to do some service.  While talking to her on her front porch we asked for referrals and she told us about her neighbor who she thought was ready to accept the gospel.   A few minutes later we were out shoveling her driveway when their neighbor who the member had just referred to us a few moments before pulled up in his jeep.  We struck up a conversation and after getting to know him we invited him to learn more about the church.  He declined but it was still cool to see how the Lord is preparing this kid for the gospel and blessing us and the member for trying to find people to teach.  It was weird because then we ran into him and some of his friends again the next day in another neck of the woods.  The Lord has something in mind.

Well my time is spent.  I love you all and thank you again for your prayers and support.  I can’t wait to open the next package on the 18th.  Take care!

Elder Emmett Florence


PS Janna!  Thank you for the package.  I love the scarf you sent (which I’m wearing in a few of the photos I’m sending home soon) it’s  just what I needed!  I am also enjoying the carmel (is that black licorice I taste?) and the talks.

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