2-7-11 Frozen Pipes!

It is a beautiful day here in Colorado!

Elder Florence & Elder Palmer

Elder Florence & Elder Palmer

The sun is shining and the light is reflecting into my eyes and blinding me!  Good thing I’m not the one driving!  Really it is very nice.  We’ve had a decent cold spell with very low temperatures (lets just say 34 degrees is like nothing now) and several inches of snow over the last few days.

Emmett avoiding the floodwaters

Elder Palmer and I had (and are having) a pretty big adventure.  We got a call from the maintenance people Wednesday afternoon while we were out shoveling snow for an investigator. A pipe had frozen and exploded and we needed to return to our apartment as soon as possible to move our “personal items” out of the way for the work crew.

We arrived on the scene a few minutes later to find what appeared to be a small waterfall trickling down from our

The damage

bathroom ceiling!  Our bathroom had already flooded and much of the carpet outside in our bedroom was soaked.  A few minutes later the maintenance crew came in and started tearing out all of the wet dry wall (which smells terrible by the way).  We watched for a while and after checking to make sure there was nothing else we needed to move, we left for dinner.  That night we stayed with the other Elders in our district.

The next morning we had to get up early to teach seminary (we were volunteered by a member in the ward partially against our own wills) and then we were too busy the rest of the day until that afternoon to go back to the apartment.  Our landlord had said the day before that we would be able to move back in by that evening, so we had brought all of our stuff over from the other Elders’ place.  We found that all of our desks, tables, study supplies and furniture had been crammed into our living room to reach the floorboards and carpet that had been affected and to make room for giant drying fans.  The sink, mirror, and vanity in our bathroom had all been torn out, along with all of the remaining drywall and insulation in the walls and ceiling.  After a few moments we noticed that the large horizontal gap in our wall left our bathroom (what was left of it anyway, mainly just the toilet) completely exposed to our neighbors apartment!

We stayed the night there anyway, and in the morning, due to still having no hot water and teaching seminary the morning before, we went Zone Conference without having showered for three days!  We went back to our landlord who was unaware of the hole in the wall or the hot water not working who told us that unfortunately the work crew would not be able to work on our apartment again until Monday!  So now we’re camping out indefinitely with the other Elders in our District, Elders Evans and Berrett,  down in the basement of the member they are living with and having a great time!

The work is slow here but I’m not discouraged.  If I didn’t have the baptisms I had in Pueblo to coast on it might be harder, but having a few clear and visible fruits of your labor to look back on helps you stay focused.  Besides, if I’m learning anything out here right now it is this; you do not need to baptize to be successful missionary. Even if we don’t get them to the font, we can still be instrumental in laying the foundation for a future miracle.

Not a ton of activity going on right now.  We talked with this one evangelical christian guy for a few minutes outside his house.  He told us that he had already talked to an Elder on a plane ride for 5 hours and it hadn’t gone anywhere, so we didn’t waste too much time trying to reason with or teach him.  It was pretty sweet though when he denied our claim that we can become “Sons of God”and sit with Jesus Christ in his throne (the doctrine of exaltation) and I completely confounded him when I referred him to Revelations 3:21.  It really was sad though because no matter what we said he would not accept the invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon because of his interpretation of history and the Bible.  Oh well.  We’re right.  Doesn’t mean we are entitled to special treatment or acceptance from anybody.

The weather and pipes exploding at 3:30 am slowing things down a little bit, but we are moving forward and we should have some good things to email about next week!

Well take care and good luck!

Living, Loving, and Praying,
Elder Emmett Florence

PS Truman, good luck with your Nauvoo audition!  Aurora, congratulations and have fun in Hairspray!

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