1-31-11 Living, Loving and Praying

Well, it’s 13 degrees and snowing again.  On Saturday it was 70 but now no more!
I drank what may have been fermented apple juice this week.  We were eating lunch with a potential investigator and two of her friends when she offered us drinks.  As she went down the long list available beverages in her home I heard “apple juice” and thought “My, I haven’t had apple juice since I can’t remember when.  That sounds very refreshing right now!” and so I asked for some.  After she went back ito the kitchen Elder Palmer and the priest we had brought along with us to the appointment started to laugh.  Apparently Donna our potential investigator had offered us “fermented” apple juice, or at least they thought she had said something about it.  I wanted to change my order but I didn’t know how to do so politely with our senior hosts, so I ended up at the table with this apple juice which I’m still not sure  was good or bad.  I tried a sip and it tasted pretty normal, but I still wasn’t sure so after drinking about 1/4th of the glass (enough to be polite) I let it be.  I was caught between a rock and a hard place though when for desert I was served a very large piece of very sweet sugary blue berry cake and I needed something to wash it down with and I had to drink more.  I didn’t get tipsy or anything afterwards so hopefully I didn’t break the Word of Wisdom too much…

We spent 9+ hours at church yesterday, 4+ of it in the chapel.  I love church but there is a reason why the Lord only asks normal members to go for 3.

We’ve  been tracting a lot.  We have fun with it but it can be discouraging when you knock for three hours and don’t find very much.  We meet plenty of contentious people.  What gets to me the most is when people say we don’t believe Jesus Christ is our saviour.  If people would just listen they would understand, but people don’t want to listen.  People in their heads don’t really make sense.  The trinity, doesn’t make sense but people believe it.  Claiming that Jesus Christ can “save” you by grace just because you say you accept him and that “works” such as baptism or temple ordinances are evil is an intellectual appendage.  People are crazy.  I’m glad my church makes sense when you break it down.  We’ve got a solid foundation.  Everything thing else is built on sand.  They may find joy for a season but they are eventually “hewn down and cast into the fire”.

I like Elder Palmer a lot.  We are having plenty of fun doing the Lord’s work together.  Our personalities click pretty well.  There is a healthier level of understanding between us than I have had with past companions.

living loving and praying,

Elder Emmett Florence
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