1-25-11 Lit up in Lone Tree

Not a lot happening right now in the area.  We have one good investigator who lives with a recent convert but that is it.  We’ve been smoking through our area book and have now contacted almost every former and potential investigator found therein.  I got lit up (“lit up” – Elder Palmer speech for “chewed out”, “severely chastised verbally”, or “yelled at”) by this one 14 year old former investigator’s Mom when we tried to talk to him about God.  It was unfortunate.  We’ve been tracting several hours a day as well with little success so far.  Every hour or so we do find potentials though, so we’re getting the work rolling slowly but surly here.

We had an awesome discussion with one woman we found about continuing revelation, Revelation 22 and Joseph Smith.  I was prepared for a bash from the way she was talking at first (and I am sorry to say after a long day of frustration I was ready to “light her up” with the bible) but after I calmly pointed out the historical facts about the book of Revelations, and how the bible itself was not compiled until the 4th century AD, she opened up and started thoughtfully contemplating our message.  She had a few more questions which we answered and then she admitted that she was not in a good position to judge the church because she had never read the Book of Mormon.  We challenged her to read and pray about it and she accepted.  We’re going to check back in in a couple of weeks.

I was extremely happy to find that there is a Costa Vida here in our area.  Even more joyous was the news that it is owned by a member so missionaries get burritos half off!

A Note on missionary care packages;  Always include something a little extra for the companion.  It helps prevent any possible hard feelings when one Elder gets tons of packages in the mail and the other doesn’t.

Thanks for the letters and pictures you’ve all sent this week.  It is wonderful to hear from you all!

Good luck with everything at home and Godspeed the right!  Love you!

Elder Emmett Florence

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