5 Months Out

5 Months under the belt!  Almost half-way to halfway!

Sorry I am emailing a day late.  Our P-day was post-poned due to Martin Luther King Junior day.  Well, a lot has happened since I emailed last.  I am glad to say that I successfully made the transfer from Pueblo to Parker Rock.

So about the new area.  I am serving in two wards; “Lone Tree” and “Castle Pines”.  It is a big adjustment from serving in one ward with 3 other elders and I have a lot of people and places and things to wrap my head around.  I’m having to color code like crazy to keep them all straight.  It is a pretty large area so we have a car again which is really wonderful.  There are lots of great bike trail around here so we might go try them out some time.  The area is very wealthy.  Lots of very successful, powerful people.  Serving here I feel like the prophecy of Isaiah (I don’t have the reference) how in the last days the children of Israel will be like lions hunting in the forest and “none can deliver” as they terrorize the other animals (the Gentiles) in the forest.  Here we are, 19 year olds walking around two by two among some of the most worldly rich people in the world (the owner of Remax lives here btw) and they are terrified of us! They hate us!  They can’t stand us!  They go crazy we try to share the gospel with them and they do some of the most childish thing imaginable to avoid us.

Parker is at the northern most end of the mission, and our area is right on the mission boundary.  We actually have to get permission to leave the mission every P-day because the nearest Wal-Mart is in the Denver South mission.  We tract a lot here, because we have no one to teach yet.  To imagine the neighborhood here, picture all the gated communities of Granite Bay, Rocklin, and Loomis mixed in with Lake Tahoe and the nicer Parts of Roseville.  People always tell us to leave because they say we are “solicitors” when in actuality (remember this Truman and Corbin, “handy hint” for your missions) we are “convincing” or handing out free information, so there is nothing they can do to us.

I like my new companion Elder Palmer a lot.  He is the same missionary age as Elder DeCoria so I’m still junior comp, but that is fine.  Elder Palmer is much more humble and I don’t ever feel like I’m being “ruled over” (like I have with other Elders) all the time.  He has been serving in the area for four months already so he knows the place and the members really good.  From what he has told me his last companion was pretty rough serving with, and that wore him down a bit so this area hasn’t had any baptisms for several months (and in the case of the Castle Pines ward more then several severals) but now we’re ready to go out and work and bring souls unto Christ through the waters of Baptism!  We’ve already found a few good potentials and received several referrals.  One women we talked to (who we found after 3 hours of tracting with no success at the second to last door for the day) wowed us when we asked her what kind of church she was looking for.  She told us it had to have lots of programs that her two kids could participate in (both baptismal age; 8 and 13), have a medium sized congregation (100-200 people) and most importantly she wanted a church that offered more then just a weekly service but a “life-style” she and her family could live.  After picking our jaws up off the concrete we told her we had what she was looking for and we have an appointment to go teach her and her family this Friday.  Miracles!

I have more to say but I’m out of time.  I will write more miracles and updates about everything next week.


Elder Emmett Florence

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