Happy New Year! 1/2/11

Happy New Year!!!

Wow!  I haven’t emailed since last year!

We had some good snow this week.  The whole town froze over so we’ve been slipping and sliding around alot.  Fortunately Elder DeCoria is an experienced driver in the snow and know how to drive safe.  The sun is back now so I imagine all the snow and ice we have will be almost all gone by tomorrow.

We had a special guest with us for the holiday.  The other two English-speaking Elders in our district (Elder Howell of Idaho and Elder Harvey of Texas) found and caught a cotton-tail rabbit last week while out proselyting.  Elder DeCoria had been trying to catch his own rabbit for the 6 months he had been serving in Pueblo, so Elder Howell and Elder Harvey decided to take the rabbit back to their apartment to keep for a few days until they could show it to us.  They got home with it, but as soon as they let the creature out of the book bag they had been stashing it in, it darted into a previously unnoticed whole in the wall in the bathroom and disappeared under the tub.  It took us a week of schemes and traps and deconstruction of the bathroom until we finally got the rabbit out again.  Then on new years day, Elder Howell brought the rabbit over to our place on Rawhide and with Elder DeCoria’s help, slaughtered and skinned it in our kitchen sink and then cooked and ate it.  I tried a piece.  It was surprisingly actually really good.  It was very very strange to be eat something that had been hopping around our apartment only a few minutes before!  I would have preferred to have let the rabbit go, but it had a broken leg and would not have lasted long back in the wild.

We seen some great miracles this week as well!  Guess who just happened to run into our ward mission leader last weekend?  Starlight and Ricardo!  They were out furniture shopping when they felt like they should go first to Denver Mattress.  There they met our WML (Ward Mission Leader) who sold them a mattress and started talking with them about the church.  From what he told us of the experience they are interested in coming to church again and Ricardo is still seriously considering being baptized.  Apparently they still had very positive feelings about us and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Our WML said their faces lit up with big smiles when he said that was the church he attended) and now we have an appointment to go see them this Sunday with our WML!  Miracle!

Mums the word but I’m 99.99% sure I am being transferred next Tuesday (I just know when not where) so do not send any more mail to the Rawhide apartment.

Well I love you all and I will see you next year!

-Elder Emmett Florence

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