12/27/10 White Christmas in Pueblo

No snow here in Pueblo Colorado, but we were still blessed with a

“White Christmas”

Last week we were able to baptize two people!  It’s the best-est Christmas present ever!

Thank you for all the cards, letters, and packages I received this Christmas.  I am especially enjoying the Zazzle custom stamps, the Apple photo album and all the dark chocolate.  I just can’t express how great it is to get good thoughtful mail from all of you.  It makes serving a whole lot easier.  I owe many of you mail in return and I am working on sending you some as soon as possible.

We had a great Christmas Zone Conference last week.  President Pfile is awesome!  Mission Presidents are awesome!  They are just so spiritual in such a hands-on get the job done sort of way.  President Pfile is especilay cool though I think.  He really loves his missionaries and always pushes us to do our best and be obedient.  He really does want us to succeed.  For Christmas he and his wife (out of their own pockets) put together some goody bags and gave us all autographed ties (“P-Pfile”s as they are called, are easily the most highly esteemed and valued ties in the mission).

Have a Happy New Year!

Love, Elder Emmett Florence

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