12/12/10 A Visit from Santa ; )

Merry Christmas!

The work is going really well here in Pueblo Colorado.  Elder DeCoria have 8 people with baptismal dates within the next few weeks so we are very excited.  We are very fortunate to be staying busy.  We haven’t found Starlight’s baptismal record yet.  We need to go over there and confirm the information she gave us.  Sadly at this point it doesn’t look like either of them will be baptized.  We’ve taught Ricardo a few lessons now, but he isn’t listening very much and now they don’t want us to come back until after the holiday season because they’re to busy.  Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, and that is all we have power to do.

Have you gotten my memory card yet with my pictures?  I am starting to fell a little uneasy because if that gets lost or damaged there goes 90% of my current mission memorabilia.  If you haven’t already, please do not delete any of the pictures off the card.  Just send it back as is so I can have all the pictures out here too.

I am so happy to hear how well your production of Savior of the World went.  Way to (as President Pfile says) “Git UR dun!”  I can’t wait to start seeing the long-term fruits of your labors!

Speaking of fruits and laborers, Mom, I was a little sad to hear that you felt like the vineyard in Loomis California may be giving out.  I know you probably know that that isn’t really true, but for anyone who really does feel that missionary work is winding down where they live, I wanted to say something about it.  I have come to love the Allegory of the Olive Trees in Jacob 5 especially now because of its applicability to missionary work.  If you read carefully you will notice towards the end of the chapter that when the Lord gathers servants to labor in the vineyard “one last time”, through the long and gradual process of removing the bad branches and replacing them with good ones, eventually branch by branch, and tree by tree, the entire vineyard is cleansed and made to bring forth “good fruit”.  It is not until after the long season of harvest (the Millennium) and evil enters into the vineyard again (The battle of Armageddon) that the Lord burns his vineyard with fire (the end of teh World as we know it).  Now is the “last time” that the Lord is calling men and women to labor in his vineyard.  We are the final dispensation that will not fail.  As Daniel foretold; the stone cut without hands (the church of Jesus Christ in the latter days) would keep rolling down the mountain gathering speed and mass until it “filled the entire earth”.  The work we are doing is going to fill the earth.  Eventually, the whole world will accept the gospel and be cleansed.  So don’t lose hope back in Loomis yet!  I know there are still people there the Lord is preparing for the gospel message and membership in his church.  Good Luck!

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Emmett Florence

Emmett on Santa's Lap

PS I’m glad you enjoyed the picture Santa and I took at our Ward Christmas party.

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