Merry Christmas!
It just snowed for the first time this season here in Pueblo.  I just got transfer emails and I am happy to announce that I will be staying here another transfer with Elder Decoria at Rawhide.  Lots of miracles are happening here right now.  We are finding new people and seeing incredible changes in the hearts of the people we are already working with.  We are still taking losses but it cannot stop the work from progressing!  Speaking of, Elder Decoria and I have rode 500+ miles on our bikes this transfer!  The Motobecane (which I am naming “Brandon”) is holding up great and is a joy to ride.

We had a great experience with inspired tracting last week.  We had done all the formers and potentials in the area that we had wanted to try and see that day, so we decided to go and tract with our last hour before dinner.  Elder Decoria and I started by praying that we would find someone we could teach.  Our third or fourth door down an older man answered the door.  We tried to explain how God had called a prophet to the earth to him, but he didn’t seem to understand and told us he was not interested.  We gave him a pass-along card and then continued on our way down the street.  We were about to cross the street to the next block when the man re-appeared on his door step and called us back.  We were invited into his home to teach him and his wife Starlight. His name is Ricardo.  He told us that when he sent us away he had felt a very strong spiritual prompting that he needed to talk to us more, and so after consulting his wife, he had called us back to teach them.  As we began to teach them about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we had many more wonderful spiritual experiences.  We felt just like Ammon teaching King Lamoni as we explained to Starlight, who had been raised by native American Indians, that the “Great Spirit” that she believed in was really God and her Heavenly Father, and that Jesus Christ was her brother and personal Savior.  After we watched “Special Witnesses of Christ”, Ricardo exclaimed in excitement that not only had the spirit come and confirmed to  him that The Book of Mormon we had given him was actually translated from the gold plates, but that the teachings found therein were “More precious than gold!” and all the other treasures of the earth.  During our second visit they both readily accepted the invitation to be baptised on the 12th of December.  Before we left Starlight told us that after our first visit she had asked “who were those two angels in our home?”  Then during the closing prayer Ricardo thanked Heavenly Father “for sending two prophets” to bless his home.  They are off the charts elect.  They are keeping their commitments; reading, praying and coming to church.  I am so thankful that we were able to find them and teach them.  I am humbled that Elder Decoria and I have been the ones to bring them to into the light of the Gospel.

I just sent my camera memory card with all my picture along with a brief commentary to be read along with it.  It isn’t perfectly substantial but it should give you a good idea of what all the pictures are about and what I’m doing out here.  I just found some more pictures from my first transfer on the other memory card, so as soon as you send the other card back, I will send those ones your way too.

I need to tell you more about my Companion!  Elder Decoria hales from Idaho Falls.  Farmed potatoes to save up for his mission.  Loves country music.  Has been out for 7 months and has served all of it here in Pueblo.  He just went district leader last transfer and is adjusting pretty well to his new responsibility.  I want to say he is a good Mormon mix of Adam Sandler (the actor from Zoolander right? [or is he thinking Ben Stiller?]) and maybe Max Mateson, maybe?  Something like that.  We have lots of fun together while getting lots of work done.  We had a change finding contest on Saturday.  Whoever found the most money on the ground during the day while we traveled and taught got to keep the others findings.  The conflict escalated from pennies and chump change to almost two whole dollars in change (a ton by missionary change standards) by the end of the day.  I won by just a few cents!  Victory!  Anyway, the pictures I’m sending you should tell a bit more about Elder Decoria’s personality.

Well the time has come and I must away!  Thank you for all your love, prayers and support!

Elder Emmett Florence

    • Lynne Jones
    • January 17th, 2011

    Hi, my son, Mikey Jones, would like me to send some of Emmett’s letters… Would you mind if I print some off and mail them to him?
    Let me know…
    Lynne Jones

    • Hi Lynne,
      Emmett always speaks so highly of Mikey. I know he’d love to send letters his way. Can you email Mikey’s current address and the long term mission address so I can make sure Emmett has it?
      Thanks for raising such a great son. He had a powerful impact on Emmett at BYU. I was so grateful he had such good friends who wanted to do such good things : )



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