Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry you didn’t get an email on Monday.  Our Email day was moved because of Thanksgiving.

To answer some of your questions about what kind of people we teach; a large variety.  Our ward (which is also our proselyting area) covers a pretty wide and diverse spectrum of people.  What kind of people we teach economically depends alot on what side of town we are on.  The people we teach on the East Side are usually poorer and less-educated and more humble so we find lots of new investigators over there.  As I’ve mentioned in previous emails it is pretty getto in some places where we go.  I’ve witnessed my share of shady-activities.  On the West Side of town where the church building and our apartments are, people are wealthier and more educated.  We run into more snooty people who don’t want to learn anything from us, but we find lots of good humble people on the West side too.  Referrals are best for contacting wealthier people.  We run into lots of Hispanics (there are lots of them here), and if we do get a teaching appointment, we refer them to one of the two sets of Spanish-speaking Elders in our district.

I hate anti Mormon stuff.  The more I learn about it and hear what it is all about the sicker it makes me.  There is really nothing there, just hateful people choosing to be offended by some of our plainest and more precious doctrines (Temple Work, Baptism, Eternal Marriage).  One of our best investigators stayed up the night-before our scheduled visit and read 3 anti books and now she doesn’t want to get baptized just because she doesn’t see how genealogy and temple work fit in with the Bible and its teachings.  We could answer all of her questions, but it wouldn’t do any good.  At the lesson I felt like she was almost reveling in the excuses she thought she had found that would stump us.  The plain truth is that nothing from the Bible proves that the Mormon church is wrong.  Careful study reveals that it really only supports it, but people can’t be reasoned with out here.  It takes the spirit of truth.  The Holy Ghost is the only thing that can change peoples hearts and make the miracle of baptism (because it really is a miracle when it does) happen.  We left them in good terms and our foot is still in the door.  They have some great member fellowship that might be able to help pull them through.

Two minutes left!  I’ll write more on Monday!
Elder Florence

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