Buenos Dias!
It is a crispy cold day here in Pueblo Colorado.  Things are going very well out here as far as missionary work goes.  Our investigator Drew Deel and his step-son Gavon were both baptised and confirmed last weekend.  They are both doing extremely well.  The light of the gospel is begining to pour into their lives and family.  The next step now will be working with the Bishop to get Drew the Aaronic Priesthood so that he can baptise his wife and her other son.  It feels so wonderful!
Lately we’ve been getting lots of direction from our leaders to be more bold and urgent in calling people to repentence and inviting them to be baptised, so Elder Decoria and I have been getting pretty gutsy preaching the gospel.  After watching “The Restoration” with two of our investigators, we invited them to kneel down together with us and ask if Joseph Smith was really a prophet.  It took some courage, but we sat and listened with them until they both felt like they had received an answer.  The spirit was strong enough afterwards that they accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of november.  I was amazed later when I learned from Elder Decoria (who had been looking at his watch during the prayer) that we had sat waiting for an answer with them in total silence for 20 minutes!  I had no idea!
Lots of people smoke around here.  It is probably the most common of all the hurtles we face to baptise people.  Don’t smoke.  It is not worth some of the things it does to you.
We have a great ward here in Pubelo.  The members help us out with food, teaching lessons, fellowship, and rides around town all the time.  I don’t know what we would do without them.  Member missionaries rock! Roleplaying is pretty huge in missionary work.  We do it almost everyday.  “Pretending” or “Acting” really are some of the best teaching tools out there.  I’m interested to see how this teaching style will manifest itself more in the church as missionaries who learned and taught with roleplays go home and take on other church callings.  Our WML leader Bro. Beck told us how at the stake leadership training meeting, between talks and discussions they actually roleplayed certain stake meetings to apply the principles they had been learning about.  Interesting…
I love all of you back home and I think of you and the wonderful times we have yet to have.  Hope all is well, and thank you for your prayers,
Elder Emmett Florence
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