The River is Wild

The weather here is crazy!  It went from a high of 70 degrees to 35 over night!  No snow yet but their were a few flakes blowing through town from Colorado Springs (it is just like Elder Haynes said; it snows and rains our of clear skies)

I’m really glad to hear that the iPhone is working for you Mom.  Judging from that full page letter you sent me from it you have the touch-pad down.  It is about time you had a piece of technology that worked for you.

We’re having a great experience right now teaching our friend Drew Deel and preparing him to be baptized.  It is wonderful to see how the light of the gospel is flooding into his life as he has attended church with us, bonded with members, and studied the scriptures prayerfully.  The greatest fruit of all is to see how his family is being brought closer together.  He was just married to his wife Jodi (who he had been living with for three years) by the bishop last Sunday.  Drew texted us the next day and thanked us for what he said was “the greatest night of his life”.  They have three children.  Two boys (who are getting baptized this Sunday with Drew) that Jodi had when she was a teenager who are living with her parents, and one little girl who lives with Jodi and Drew.  Hopefully with the money Drew is going to save from quitting smoking and the additional blessings he is going to receive for keeping the commandments, they’ll be able to gather the economic means to start living together as one big happy family.  Drew has already gotten a raise at work since he committed to be baptized.  Drew is so full of love and willing to learn, I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for him and his family as they become a part of the church.

Preach My Gospel is full of good stuff. I know it is written specifically to missionaries, but chapter 4 – Recognizing the Spirit is really good and has lots of stuff for everyone.  I also picked up Jesus the Christ and started reading it since I was craving for more insight into Christ’s mortal ministry.  Nate, when you told me that you read the whole thing from cover to cover, I thought you were a little crazy, but now I can see why you did!  It is a great book!  I love the spiritual learning and satisfaction that comes with understanding the original context that scriptures were given in.  It makes it all so much more real and applicable!

We had a visit to our mission from Elder Russel M. Nelson.  On Sunday we all drove up to [Colorado]Springs to see him.  It was a great time.  A whole chapel filled with missionaries with a living Apostle teaching and instructing us.  He was very vibrant and full of energy.  Humble, but commanding of respect and reverence.

Dad, there is a member in our ward named Shuan Gogarty who helps the missionaries out a bunch with their bikes.  He’s started a facebook page called “Pedal with a Purpose” about cycling and missionary service.  Check it out!  You might get along pretty well with him since he is a cycling fanatic as well.  (btw he heartily approves of my road bike.  He likes to make fun of missionaries who buy the huge mountain bikes because the are so impracticable in his mind)

I need some letters from people!  And pictures!  Send me pictures!  And some of you have some splanin’ to do…  So write me!

This river is wild.

Love you all,

Elder Emmett Florence

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