Buenos Dias!  Felice DIA DE LOS MUERTOS!!! (happy Day of the Dead)

I hope you all had a happy Halloween and are now enjoying your spoils on this fine November 1st.
Wow Truman!  It is great to hear about your many endeavors (that “music for Emmett in two years” list sounds especially good…)  Congratulations on taking 3rd! [Truman placed 3rd for his scene in an acting competition]  That is great!  That is something I never managed in Cedar City!  I can’t wait to see it in two years.  I bet you and Shawn really knocked it out of the park.  The Sweatshirts look really good too.  Some of the best TNT has ever had.  I was very glad to receive your new one since my old TNT pull-over hoody is starting to get pretty grungy and may need to be retired soon.  That whole package was extremely thoughtful.  It has made my Halloween for sure.

The Elders got to judge our wards Chili cook-off.  We got to sample 20+ different chillies in about 10 minutes and then decide which 3 were best.  I was worried that we were going to get mobbed or something at the end when we announced the winners.  Mormons smile and laugh and clap for everyone, but deep down in side, we take chili very seriously.

I can’t remember if you heard-but between Elder Stock and Elder Decoria I caught some kind of stomach flu.  I’m well over it now (I maxed out and did 70 push-ups the other day) but it was the sickest I have been in a while.  I was grateful for it though because the physical weakness of my body has helped me appreciate what some of our investigators are going through as they try and quite smoking so they can be baptized.  In one case our investigator is trying to quite medical marijuana, which he has been using for 30 years to eliminate back pain and muscle spasms.  Very big hurtle, prayers would appreciated on that one.

Our mission leaders (ZLs and DL) butted heads with our ward leaders last Sunday and Elder Decoria got caught in the middle.  All is well though now.  I’ve learned alot from the situation and the investigator involved is just as solid and ready for baptism as ever so no complaints there. Some interesting things are going on here in the field.  There is a general shift from older tactics like memorized verbatim, tracting, and compulsive rules, to teaching styles like PMG, focusing on how teaching is done, role playing, and self-government.  We just had a drastic change in rules regarding music guidelines at Zone conference.  Before, all music had to be pre-approved by the mission office and was heavily restricted and regulated.  Motab and hymns on proselyting days, EFY soundtracks on preparation days.  Stuff like that.  Now, we’ve been given a standard (does it uplift, inspire, focus, motivate?) and we judge for ourselves.  I can listen to anything I want now and no one is going to baby-sit me about it!  Interestingly, now with all this responsibility, I am even more cautious and thoughtful about what I listen to.  (so send me Dallyn Bayles’ CD would you please?)

I voted!  Hopefully the ballot will get there in time.  I felt pretty stupid and un-informed for most of the boxes, but hopefully I got some guidance from the Lord.


Elder Emmett Florence

PS You guys really should get together with your  WML [Ward Mission leaders] and start up a Tuesday night FHE night for the missionaries and their investigators.  It accomplishes soooooooooooooo much.  I can’t express how grateful I am to the members that do it here.

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