New Companion

I’m finally settled down after a long week of bouncing around between different comps.  My new companion is…

Elder Decoria

He was part of our district last transfer so I had associated with him already a little bit before.  He’s from Idaho, has only been out 6 months, and likes to cook his own meals.  I think we’re going to get along with each other really well.  I feel comfortable being myself around him.

I’ve been having lots of flats out here in Pueblo.  Remeber those demented evil insideous weeds we waged war with in the front yard last summer?  Well they’re called “Goat-heads” and they are everywhere here, especially the poorer parts of town.  I’ve was getting flats several times a week last transfer.  I tried out those bigger treaded tires to see if I could get some more protection but the back tire turned out to be too big for the frame and would rub.  I’ve gone back to the skinny tires now, but this time I’ve beefed them up with tire-liners and slime (a must-have here since flats are so frequent).  Between the two I’ve been getting along fine.

Here is a fun miracle that happened recently.  Elder Decoria and I were on our bikes riding down the street the other day.  In addition to a scheduled appointment to get to, we had a few formers we wanted to stop by first as well so we were going pretty fast and we didn’t have anytime to stop to ITL anyone.  I was trying to get up from the bike lane to the sidewalk (a maneuver I had performed successfully many times before) when my back tire slid out from under me and I got thrown off my bike.  With an explosion of pass-along cards I hit the ground and rolled.  As soon as I was back on my feet, I was over joyed to find that I had not received so much as a single scratch from my “slide” and that none of my clothes or proselyting materials had been damaged or even dirtied.  A few minutes later as I hopped back on my bike and started riding again I wondered what purpose God had in letting me fall off my bike.  Just then Elder Decoria suggested that since we didn’t have enough time to go see the formers anymore, we should stop and ITL people instead.  I agreed, and literally moments later a car pulled over in front of us.  A recent convert stepped out of the car and flagged us down so we stopped and talked with him.  It turns out he wanted us to come and teach his sister about the church.  We are teaching her now and we can already tell that the gospel is going to have a great effect in her life.  It is amazing to think that if I hadn’t fallen off my bike we may have never gotten the chance to help her.

Jamey.  Really?  Wow!  That is just to crazy.  Is this Scott the tall blond skinny one from Lincoln [actually it’s Loomis] who used to hang with Neal Hooper all the time?  That is all just funny to me.  I was expecting people to get married but wow!  Two months in.  Jamey you’re probably going to have a kid by the time I get back home! Congratulations!

We’re painfully close to baptizing many, but their dates keep getting pushed back.

I must away!  I love all of you and thank you for the fantastic package!

Elder Emmett Florence

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