50 days

Happy 10/10/10 day on Sunday!

The cold weather just set in today and I like it!  Elder Stock and I, despite flat tires and sickness, have been working hard getting people to church so they can be baptized.  It is amazing how much the adversary throws at people to stop them from coming to church.  We had 5 solid investigators committed to church on Friday, but by Sunday morning, sickness, late work shifts, and bed bug infestations had narrowed the actual number of attendees down to just 1.  As a result, we are having to reschedule almost all of their baptisms to later dates.  The 1 who showed up is doing really well.  He is super elect, completely ready for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  We were teaching him the Plan of Salvation the other day and when Elder Stock told him about being married for all time and eternity in the temple he leaned forward in his chair and said “that would be glorious!”.  How true that is.

What is going on back in California?  I imagine it is very nice right now.  Are the Mandarin Oranges ripe yet?

I have an awesome ward here.  They take good care of the people we bring to church.  I can’t express how much I appreciate it when a member goes up to one of our investigators at church and introduces themselves with a warm friendly handshake.  Our ward missionaries are all cool people too and are great to work with.  Alot of “Bacon in the Salad” type people.  I know after I come home I am going to try and help the missionaries out as much as I can.  A cool thing the members do here to help out with the work is weekly FHE nights with investigators.  Every Tuesday night, a member of the ward hosts the missionaries, their investigators, and anyone else from the ward for a dinner and spiritual lesson taught by the missionaries.  It is a great way for investigators and recent converts to establish friendships and connections with members and be taught the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You should get together with your ward mission leader and try it some time.  I know as a missionary it is one of my favorite things that the ward does for us.

I had a cool experience the other night.  I was on a temporary companion exchange with our district leader Elder Prior when we found a small silver plastic 50 on the ground that looked like it had been broken off the back of a car.  We picked it up.  As we continued walking I tried to imagine what the significance of this 50 could be.  After a few minutes I realized that that day was my 50th day of my mission! I am starting to enjoy my time here a bit more.  Day by day my love of being a missionary keeps increasing little by little, so that is making things easier.

Love you all!

Elder Emmett Florence

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