Letter Numero Ses

Thank you again for the letters. Hearing about all the goings on back home is just great! (and Mom, keep the inspirational quotes coming) Knowing what all of you are up to is invigorating! Life here in the field is going well. We’re working hard everyday teaching and finding. I’m starting to get a hang of the area and my ward so I feel more grounded then before.

Way to be a trouper Adeline! I can’t believe how tough you are! Do you know how many more times you have broken bones then me? Many. You are so brave!

I am finding all sorts of free stuff here. When Elder Stock and I were cleaning out our new apartment (in addition to truckloads of expired condiments when we went through the old fridge) I found a black pair of suit pants that fit me perfectly, tons of old bike parts and accessories, and lots of other pieces of missionary gear. If I’m lucky I may be able to acquire all of my winter clothing for free! Free stuff rocks.

Speaking of almost free, for P-day Elder Stock and I went over to one of the Mennonite thrift stores in town and boy was it nice! All sorts of good stuff in all the departments and low prices! I had to keep reminding myself that I was a missionary and couldn’t by all the cool clothes, and chess tables, and electronics, and tasseled leather cowboy coats they had. So for any interested parties, the thrift stores out here in Colorado Springs are good. Really good.

Elder Stock and I have been having lots of success lately. We were out tracting on the east side of town looking for people to teach when we tried to ITL a cowboy coming down the sidewalk towards us. He blew us off and walked past us without saying a word. Since he didn’t seem interested in hearing the message, we asked him for a referral instead. Again he didn’t say a word, but as he got into his car, he pointed silently to the house on the corner we were standing next to. We weren’t sure how seriously his referral could be taken, but we decided to go and knock on the door of the house anyway. As a result we met the house’s occupant Vicki, who after only a couple visits is now our most solid investigator and well on her way to baptism on the 17th! I actually had my first baptism on the 3rd. Destiny Slader, age 9. It has been great serving her and her part-member family. I am excited to see how increasing the light of the Gospel in their lives will bless them.

I just had interviews yesterday. President Pfile is awesome. He keeps you on your toes. He is very charismatic and commanding. Elder Stock the other day told me about how when President Pfile first arrived at the mission, there were several “apostate” groups of missionaries (literally secret combinations with secret codes and everything) and how he busted all of them in just a couple of months. I am very happy to be serving under him. Whenever he talks to us I just feel like going out and fighting like the 2000 sons of Helaman!

Elder Stock keeps telling me about the crazy dreams he has. In the most recent installment, he dreamed that on his way home to be released he was seduced by one of his member friends from the field, and then plagued by strange manifestations of his guilt wherever he went. Finally in the end, unable to go face his Stake President to be released, he decided that “this life just isn’t going to work for me” and keep being a missionary for the rest of his life. I thought that was pretty funny. He goes home in just 9 days.

Love you all!

Elder Emmett Florence

    • Neal and Crystal’s Mom
    • October 12th, 2010

    Thanks for sharing you wonderful experiences from the mission field. So many lives are blessed. Thank You.
    Mary Marie aka Pamela Hooper

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