Letter #5

Buenos Dias!
It is still hot here in Pueblo.  Indian Summer all the way.  I always have things that I want to email about during the week and then when I’m here at the computer I forget them.  I need to start keeping a list.  I’m staying busy with Elder Stock.  We’re out working (which includes riding very fast on our bikes up hills, teaching, eating, stopping to talk to people on the street, people blowing us off, people falling through and not showing up for appointments, teaching, shoving 15 or so square feet of solid yard debris through an older mulcher, trying to make friends with angry dogs, teaching, getting blown off, and getting people to commit to changes which can be very hard) from 10am to 9pm everyday.  Elder Stock is a very experienced missionary.  He holds the record for number of baptisms in the history of the mission, has served in all four leadership capacities a missionary can serve in (trainer, District Leader,  Zone Leader, and Assistant to the President), and is very cool.  He spent many months of his teenage life before his mission being chased by girls, living on the street (his mother kept kicking him out of the house) and getting into trouble and so he has lots of life experience to share.

I’m officially on board for a push-up contest with Mikey Jones in two years so wish me luck.  He is pretty tenacious about winning so I’m going to have to give it all I’ve got to beat him.

Ready for story time?  Friday night all of our appointments and backups fell through.  It was 8:35 and we had nothing to do.  Since we knew that Heavenly Father didn’t want us to go back to our apartment until 9pm, we decided to say a prayer and ask what He wanted us to do with the extra 25 minutes we had on our hands.  After a minute of contemplation, Elder Stock and I acted on the vague impression that we should ride in the direction of one of our investigators who we had already visited that day towards the church building on Outlook.  While riding I started to get a good feeling that the church parking lot was where we needed to be.  To my disappointment, we found the church parking lot empty.  We waited around for a few minutes but still nothing happened.  We were just about to leave and cross the street to our investigator’s apartment complex, when a car pulled up  to us and the woman inside asked if we would help her find her missing dog.  We agreed to help and followed her across the street to our investigator’s apartment complex where she lived as well.  We searched for a while and found nothing.  The thought came to me that to be back at our apartment by 9:00 we would need to stop searching and ride home at 8:58.  Oddly, we found the dog at 8:57 (even odder still, right in front of its owner’s house) and returned it to its owner, Teressa.  We had a minute to chat, so Elder Stock shared with Teressa how we had been led by prayer to help her that night, and then asked her if she knew anyone we could help as missionaries.  Right then and there she told us that she needed help and agreed to have us over the next day to teach and serve her more.  We have taught her the first lesson and shared the first vision and she already believes and feels that Joseph Smith was a prophet and has agreed to start reading the Book of Mormon.  There are a few complications, but, she is definitely a choice spirit and ready to receive the restored Gospel and be basptised.

I love you all and have enjoyed/hope to hear from you,

Elder Emmett Florence

    • Kay Kimball
    • October 3rd, 2010

    Wow, so many ‘favorites’ in this story but of course, my vote for best of letter is the dog episode. Awesome, Elder Florence.
    What will you receive IF, no I should say WHEN you win the push up contest?
    Very nice and funny writing, once again. That definitely runs in the family.

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