Letter Number Four

Hello Everyone!
Sorry it has been so long.  We had a big missionary leadership conference with 50 other Elders from all over the mission here  this week in Pueblo so our P-day was moved to Thursday.  The good news is that I should be able to email again in just 4 days now instead of 7!  More good news; Elder Stock just explained to me that since we have to write our letter to the president (which I am attaching just for fun) and our families, we get a whole hour to email!  Yes!  The pictures [you sent] look great!  Way better than the last ones we took!  I like them a lot!  Thanks for sending them.

The family Photo Kim Bills took just prior to E's departure

Mom and family, I have been so happy to hear from all of you.  Something about letters from home is really invigorating (in addition to the awesome inspirational quotes Mom.  Thanks, keep sending!) and energizing.  I just feel more able to serve after reading them.  So thank you!  (Oh and that dark chocolate you sent was divine.  Just what I needed) Dad, I love the Bike!  It is really nice to get around on, which is really good since Elder Stock and I have a huge area to cover and ride around 20 miles everyday!  During the leadership conference I lent it to one of the other Elders temporarily staying at our apartment and he couldn’t stop gushing about it.  The roads are not the best here so without shocks I have to maneuver carefully to avoid bumps and curb sides, the bike is definitively a keeper though.  [McKay bought him a hybrid road bike-European style]

I am pleased to say that I have been able to do my push-up work out 5 days a week since I have been in the field.  All the bike riding has eliminated the need for running, so I am staying really fit with only 30 minutes of exercise everyday!  It feels great.  I need crank up the heat though.  Mikey Jones wrote me back and accepted my challenge with great gusto and zeal and to my surprise he has been doing the workout too and is already beating me!  He wants to raise the stakes.  In addition to the loser of the push-up contest buying ice-cream, the winner gets to do a stage-dive at our first show [reference to E’s band, The Young Hurricanes] at the E-center in Utah.  I was really happy to hear that he is still serious about starting a band in 2012 with me!  Speaking of that stuff, I have been having all sorts of lyrics and song ideas popping into my head.  I’m making sure it won’t distract from my missionary purpose, but I should have a few really good songs written by the time I get home.

I’m running out of time so I am pasting in my letter to the president below.  It will give you more ideas about what I am doing out here.
I love all of you and expect to hear more from me Monday!

-Elder Emmett Florence

PS Aurora, Elder Stock wants to date you at BYU when he gets home so I’m giving him your contact info 😉

Hello President Pfile!
I hope you are doing well.  Thank you for inviting me to the leadership conference.  I am excited to start practicing and applying all of the great principles and skills I learned.  I’m definitely longing for many things back home, but the Lord is blessing me and keeping me busy with the work.  Elder Stock has us up, studying, working, and planning most of the day, leaving very little time for distractions, which is great.  I also am feeling the Lord increasing my capacity to love everyone and everything here in the field as well as back home and it feels great!  I’ve been thinking more about what goal I want to set for myself for total baptisms and I think I might go for 100.  I’m going to pray about it and see if the Lord really has 100 people in mind for me or if I should sets my sites a little lower.  Wish me luck!

Baptismal Goal for upcoming week- 2
Progress on baptismal goal (what are you specifically doing?)
Staying busy finding and teaching and trying to do it as effectively as possible.  We’ve been through almost half the former investigators in the area book, and have spent lots of time tracting and ITLing to find more.  We’ve had some success churning up a few choice souls, but it will be a few weeks until we can really get the flow of baptisms and new investigators going.

MIRACLE Stories:
Yesterday we ITLed a guy on his front porch (I wasn’t expecting much) but we ended up teaching him the whole 1st lesson, giving him a copy of the book of mormon and getting a commitment to be baptised on the 10th of October!  He was one of the most agreeable child-like people I had ever met and seemed very accepting of the message.

Family: I got some great letters from home.  It is so energizing to hear from the family and what is going on!  It makes the work here easier.
Area: Wonderful
Companion: I am so honored ( for lack of a better expression) to have Elder Stock as my trainer.  He is such a solid powerful missionary.  He is teaching me alot.  We get along really well.  I really appreciate how much he serves me.
Testimony: I love everyone!  The Book of Mormon is the word of God and is a testimony of his love for us!
Service: We spent 4 hours in a sick members yard with Elder Prior, Elder Garret and Brother Burger pushing branches and yard waste through an old mulcher.  I cannot believe how much we managed to get done.

Name: Elder Florence
Companion: Elder Stock
Proselyting Area: Pueblo
Reporting Period: 9/13-9/19

=Key Indicators=
Goal/Actual/Goal for next week/2 Weeks
[1]   [0]        [2]          [2] Baptized
[1]   [0] Confirmed
[7]   [4] Investigators w/ a Baptismal date
[7]   [1] Investigators who attended Sacrament Meeting
[5]     [4] New Investigators
[8]       [10] Lessons Taught to Investigators w/ a member present
[12]       [15] Total # sit-down lessons
[0/3]      [0/2] Lessons taught to LAs  [LA is Less Active LDS families]
[9]      [5] Hours of Inspired Tracting
[100]      [122] ITLs

    • Matthew Balkman
    • October 21st, 2010

    Hey Flos! I just came across this! Cool! Congrats on your son serving. He and my son Nathan (#2) entered the MTC on the same day, both learned Spanish and likely left on the same day 10.18. Nathan is serving in the Concepcion Chile Mission. We don’t have a fancy blog like yours (very nice), but do have a Facebook group “Elder Nathan Balkman’s Mission Adventures” if you care.

    Anyway, I thought it was cool that our boys are out at the same time.

    Miss you guys!



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