First Letter From the Field

President Pfile, Elder Florence, Sister Pfile

It has been a while.  I missed my day to email amid transferring from the MTC to the field.  Wow!  Here I am, one week out!

The first day was intense.  On Monday I got up at four am to fly out to Colorado Springs.  President and Sister Pfile along with the APs (assistants to the president) met me and the 10 or so other missionaries in my travel group at the airport and drove us out to the mission office.  We had a lite lunch, and then paired up with other missionaries and went ITLing (Invite To Learn – basically talk to everyone you see about the gospel).  I got to go with one of the retiring APs, Elder Stock.  I wasn’t sure what we were doing at first (no one explained what ITLing was to me), so when we walked 20 yards around a corner and into a deserted parking lot with a clean-cut Mormon looking guy just sitting there like he was waiting for something, I determined that ITL was some sort of role playing exercise ritual greenies participate in.  Since I felt pretty comfortable roll playing (it’s just pretend right?), I launched into the guy, had a nice discussion about prophets, God, and the gospel, and got him to accept a challenge to read the Book of Mormon.  It wasn’t until 15 minutes later after we had walked across the street to an apartment complex and talked to a few more people who were definitely not role playing, that I realized that the first guy I had talked to was very, very real!  My first real proselyting experience, and I thought it was a role playing game!  Wow though, those next 45 minutes were pretty crazy.  In those 45 minutes alone I was probably exposed to more alcohol, drugs, and profanity then I have ever been in my life.  This one group of kids we taught were rolling and smoking “medical” marijuana right there while we taught them about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. After that we cruised out to the mission home and had a wonderful evening with The Pfiles.  President Pfile is awesome.  Mission Presidents are amazing.  I’ll find ways to put him into words later.

On Tuesday we were assigned to our companions and areas.  President Pfile hadn’t assigned us until the previous night so our future areas and companions were a mystery to us until the last moment.  As luck would have it, I was assigned to the Pueblo area with none other then Elder Stock as my trainer! Elder Stock is very cool, alot like my cousin Andrew Fletcher, similar story.  He has been out 22 months so my first transfer will be his last!  I will also find more ways to put him into words later.

Today, Monday, is my P-Day by the way.  We went and bought food today!  Since we missed P-day last week we have been living off the meager leavings of the previous residents.  (You’ll be so proud of me Dad.  We’ve been eating oat-meal every morning all week) Mapquest the streets “Jerry Murphy”, “Outlook”, “HW 50” in Pueblo if you want to see what it is like here (look for our “taco bell” church building on Outlook)

Out of time, I must away!

Elder Florence

PS Fun story; Elder Stock and I tracted into a “Lucerfarian” (not to be confused with a “Satanist”) over on the East side of town and taught him the 1st lesson.

PSS Thanks Aurora for the letters and carrots!
PSSS If you send me anything, use US Postal Service first class if you want it to get to me before the next transfer
PSSSS My mailing address is my name + the mission office

Elder Emmett Florence

Colorado Colorado Springs Mission
4090 Center Park Drive
Colorado Springs, CO      80916

[Comment from the Mom/LaRee- Bro. Mineer in our ward served in Colorado on his mission years ago.   His comment to me was that Emmett would love Colorado as long as he didn’t serve in Pueblo.  He said his time there had motivated him to strive for Heaven since he had a very clear idea of what Hell would be like and he wanted to avoid it.  I am very interested to hear Emmett’s take on it]

    • Kay Kimball
    • September 13th, 2010

    What a handsome, handsome young man. I cannot tell you how many times I remember Emmett coming up with the brightest comment that revealed a wisdom and sense of humor waaaaay beyond his tender years. This will serve him well in the happening, progressive area of Colorado. LaRee, thanks for doing this blog. Woo hoo. So fun to follow the Elder Emster…

    • So great to hear from you Kay : )
      Can you believe our little boys are all grown up?!
      I saw your boys and Alicia at the Sacramento temple last month. What a beautiful bunch.

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