Letter #2

The Bronze Cyclists

Sorry if you didn’t get the last email.  We only get thirty minutes (there is this red timer clock that counts down) and we get kicked off instantly as soon as our time is up.  I think I got kicked off last week before my email sent.  Mail preference; I don’t have time to read emails (because I want to use all of the thirty minutes to write them), so letters are preferred.  Augh!  I’m already down to 20 minuets!  I lost time because the first computer I logged on to didn’t have a working “C” key so I couldn’t type “com” to write email addresses.

I need to make a correction from my first letter; Elder James is from Jackson Mississippi.  He is going to Atlanta Georgia on his mission.

Please send my regards to Aunt Julie [Julie Matesen].  Her cookies and letter are greatly appreciated.  I have run into Max a few times now.  He is doing really well.  So is Clayton Schmokel, Andrew Stevens and all the other people from BYU I’m running into.  The “mantle” is really visible in their physical countenances.

My preparation day is today, Tuesday, but that might change after I get into the field.  I’m rolling out Monday September 6th by the way!  I’ll be sending you my new address as soon as possible.

Emmett's district at the Provo Temple

Elder Appel likes to sing, all the time.  Anything from Rihanna, to Hymnes, to The National Anthem.  (Which bugs the ex-army guy, Elder Morrell in our district)I’m practicing my soccer skills during my exercise time.  The other day I ran circles (literally) around Elder Appel while we passed the ball back and forth so we could both practice and I could get my daily run in.

Thanks for all of the letters!  I was wondering why you were asking so many questions that I thought that I already answered until I realized today that my first email didn’t send right.

There is so much sugar around here.  In addition to all the sweets in the cafeteria, our hall is overflowing with cookies, and donuts, and snacks, all sent from home.  I don’t know what some people are thinking.  One of my roommates, Elder Jenson, has already gotten so 5 or so packages of cookies from his Grandma.  Not even the collective stomachs and mouths of our whole district (12 hungry missionaries) have been able to eat them all.  One of the magical parts of the MTC is all the free stuff Elders hand out when they leave for the field to make room in their suitcases.  I’ve already gotten, a free (brand new) umbrella, a pair of decent flip-flops, shampoo, and a bag of home-made carmel corn.  If you do send me any  food, send me something Wholesome and organic.

I’ve been taking lots of pictures for you guys.  I’ll try sending the memory card back so you can upload the pictures and see them for yourself.

Elder Florence & Elder Appel at the Provo Temple

I feel like the Lord is really sustaining me.  Despite long days and short nights I get enough sleep and have energy.  Despite not having any of my beloved music here (not even motab here at the MTC), I always have a song in my heart and I don’t miss my music at all!  It is great!

I’m learning alot from all the role playing exercises I’m doing with Elder Appel at the TRC.  It is great too see theater used as a powerful teaching tool here.

Elder Florence

PS I will write some letters this week too


Emmett & Andrew Stephens his BYU roommate


Emmett & Andrew contemplating their future

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